Brace yourself for some risky work still in development

Get strapped in for a crash-test festival of comedy, physical theatre, storytelling and more… LABS welcomes new artists into Cambridges thriving artistic community whilst shining a light on existing local talent. Proudly brought to you by Cambridge International Arts Festival and The ADC Theatre
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The ADC Theatre
Testing, testing...

From Theatre and standup to Dance and everything in-between, Lab Rats is here to present you with an exciting Petri dish of new beginnings.

Join us and see a brave new selection of artists test and trial new ideas. Lab Rats comes in two parts. Part One is hosted at the Corpus Playroom for a raw and intimate showing of seedling ideas. Followed swiftly on the same day by Part Two at the ADC Theatre with ideas a little further down the line but not entirely ready for consumption by the whole population.

Daring and delicious, Lab Rats will give you a sneak peek at the next wave of smash hits and promising upstarts.

Lab Rats is bought to you by LABS - a Cambridge International Arts Festival initiative designed to support and develop artistic in Cambridge.

Book for both LAB RATS: part one at the Corpus Playroom and LAB RATS: part two at the ADC Theatre in the same transaction and receive 20% discount. (Limited availability) 

LAB RATS: Part 2 // LINE-UP!

A triple bill of work in progress featuring:

KIERAN DEE | New Writing
// a phenomenon whereby football fans make impressive displays, using, flags, signs and banners. The word tifo in Italian actually refers to typhus fever, which can cause an outbreak of delirium in those who suffer it. Watch Kerry struggle through fear and delirium in this piece about what it means to be an England fan. 

THOSE PEOPLE | Theatre  
“Back. Again”
// 5 Minute Call 2019 Winners: Those People... BACK. AGAIN. We’re back. If you’ve seen us before. Otherwise just: Those People. Being silly. Silly and pretty. “They must be good if they won?” WRONG. PS: Lara trained with Philippe Gaulier and Riana suffered an unrequited first queer love over lockdown. xx

SABABA CO. | Dance
“Coiled Up”
// a piece about women and their struggle with hormones. It sounds simple and maybe a bit medical, but when your hormones are all over the place you go a little bit mad. Just go back to the times when women were committed to asylums during their menopause. Fortunately we have moved on, but we still don’t really recognise women’s suffering. Growing up no one ever mentioned PMS or what contraception pills can do to your mind; weeping with no reason, shouting and swallowing commercial quantities of pain killers. Doctors just shrugged and raised their eyebrows. Leaving us confused, distorted and very much alone.

We are following government guidance to provide the safest live performance experience for you. Have a look at the below information to know what we’re doing to keep you, our artists and our staff safe.
Daring and delicious, Lab Rats will give you a sneak peek at the next wave of smash hits and promising upstarts.